Rib eye with Thai Steak Sauce
  • Rib eye with Thai Steak Sauce
  • Exotic Pad Thai Noodles1.00 fold
  • Exotic Pad Thai Sauce4.00 tbsp
  • Prawns3.00 pcs
  • Beans Sprouts 0.50 pc
  • Vegetable Oil3.00 tbsp
  • Garlic chopped3.00 cloves
  • Water 0.25 cup
  • Dried Shrimp3.00 tbsp
  • Chives10.00 pcs
  • Pan Rosted Peanut0.25 cup
  • Water for boiling noodles4.00 cup


  • Cut your rib-eye steak into large chunks or cubes.
  • Marinade in the Exotic Thai Steak Sauce, and some pepper.
    Leave to marinade for 15/20 minutes
  • Sear the cubes on a hot pan with some oil on it.
    Quickly brown on all sides.
  • Slice the cucumbers into long thin matchsticks.
    Slice shallots. Arrange on plate. Place the beef along side
    the cucumbers. Drizzle with sesame oil.
  • Pour some Exotic Thai Steak Sauce on to the beef and
    garnish with some roasted sesame seeds.

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Rib eye with Thai Steak Sauce

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